Staff Member Profile: Lori Fisher, Library Director
Each month during 2017 we will feature a short profile of a Library staff member...we hope you enjoy getting to know the people behind the books!
Lori has been Library Director since 2008

Question 1:  What do you like best about working at the Library?
Being the director means that no two days here are ever the same.  That got a little out of hand during the renovations of the past three years, but in general I like to wear a variety of hats and be involved in multiple initiatives to help people. I love the people of Bow - so much so that I moved here in 2015.

Question 2:  What are you reading now?
Finding Water by Julia Cameron, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, and Embrace Me by Sylvia Day.  I always have three or four books going at any one time, in a variety of formats (electronic and print).  Yes, I read romance novels - I like happy endings.

Question 3:  What do you do for fun outside of working at the Library?
I am a 500 RYT yoga teacher and workshop presenter in Concord, and am working towards my yoga therapy certification.  I love to walk my dog, spend time with my kids and close friends, and obviously read/learn :)
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Lori A. Fisher, Director
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