Staff Member Profile: Jennifer Ericsson, Children's Librarian
Each month during 2017 we will feature a short profile of a Library staff member or Trustee...we hope you enjoy getting to know the people behind the books!

Jennifer Ericsson has been our Children's Librarian since 2000, celebrating her 17th anniversary this past October!

1, What do you like best about working at the Library?
The children - of course!  But I also like reviewing all of the books, audiobooks, and DVDs published and trying to choose the best ones for the Bow community.

2. What are you reading now?
I am in the middle of Wishtree by Katerine Applegate (for children) and have just started George and Lizzie by Nancy Pearl (for adults).

3. What do you do for fun outside working at the library?
I write books for children, design stained glass panels, and travel whenever possible. To unwind after work, I take long walks and listen to audiobooks while doing jigsaw puzzles. I am always game to try a new restaurant or see an Idie flick at Red River Theatre.

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