#GivingTuesday and Endowment Fund Campaign!
The Baker Free Library Foundation is kicking of their creation of an endowment fund for the Library on Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2017!  

GivingTuesday, a global movement, encourages charitable giving during the holiday season. In 2017, GivingTuesday on Tuesday 11/28 follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Foundation is leveraging the power of social media and GivingTuesday to kick off an endowment campaign that would raise funds for the long-term sustainability of the library. Funds will be invested, and over time the interest from these funds will be used to limit the tax burden on Bow residents while continuing to offer a high level of library service.

Two generous Bow businesses, Bogside Publishing and Allied Insurance, have agreed to match donations made to the campaign kick off on Giving Tuesday 11/28.  This adds greater value to the contributions made that day - Bogside will match the first $500 raised, and Allied Insurance will match the second $500 raised.  Please consider donating to on Giving Tuesday, using the link below by entering the amount you'd like to donate, or donate on any day between now and December 31st!  We accept credit cards, checks or cash.

For more information about the Endowment Fund and your donation, please download our FAQ pdf.

Thank you for supporting the long-term sustainability of the library in the Bow community!

Baker Free Library Foundation History and Leadership
revised 11/20/2017

The Baker Free Library Foundation was created in 2013 to facilitate the long-term growth and sustainability of the library. The Foundation recently completed it's first task: completion of the Library's Lower Level renovation in 2017. Now the Foundation's goal is to create a long-term endowment fund to help Bow taxpayers sustain the library for generations to come.

Current BFL Foundation directors (officers):

  • Mark Leven (President)
  • Michael Griffin (Treasurer)
  • Eric Anderson
  • Colleen Haggerty
  • Tom Ives
  • Paul Rizzi

The Baker Free Library Foundation is a 501©3 charitable organization. Donations to the Foundation may become tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

If you would like more information about the BFL Foundation, please contact Foundation Director Mark Leven at markhleven11@gmail.com.

revised 11/20/2017

Thinking about setting up a bequest to benefit the library?  Consider setting up the bequest to go through the Baker Free Library Foundation, a non-profit, 501c(3) charitable organizatoin recognized by the IRS!

A charitable bequest
is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. There are different kinds of bequests. For each, you must use very specific language to indicate the precise direction of your assets and to successfully carry out your final wishes. Any bequest must be made through a legal mechanism, such as a will. The following are four common types of bequests to consider:

General Bequests are legacies left to certain people or causes that come from the general value of the estate, and are made by designating a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a fixed percentage of your estate to the cause of your choice, such as the Baker Free Library.

Specific Bequests are made when a particular item or property is bequeathed for a designated purpose. (i.e., supplies for children’s classes and events at the library; support for library technology resources used directly by library card holders.) A specific bequest does need to be worded carefully, with wording discussed by the donor and the library’s board of trustees, to ensure that the monies will have long-term use and availability. For example, a bequest made back in the 1990s for support of VHS tape purchases would not allow that money to be used for a newer format, such as DVD or Blu-Ray.

Residuary Bequests are made when you intend to leave the residue portion of your assets after other terms of the will have been satisfied.

Contingency Bequests allow you to leave a portion of your estate to a particular charity if your named beneficiary does not survive you.

If you are interested in make a bequest to the Baker Free Library Foundation, please contact Mark Leven, BFL Foundation Director, at markhleven11@gmail.com.