Volunteers at the Baker Free Library
updated 6/24/2013
The Baker Free Library does take one or two volunteers on a regular basis to help accomplish library tasks such as shifting collections and entering/deleting materials in the statewide union catalog, NHU-PAC.  Volunteers must commit to volunteer hours for a minimum of three (3) months, since it does take significant staff time and effort to train volunteers in library tasks. 
All potential volunteers are asked to submit a resume (or fill out a simple volunteer application) and provide contact information for one person who can serve as a reference for the applicant.  Potential volunteers then meet with the Library Director to discuss the current volunteer projects available.  Many of the tasks require excellent attention to detail, the ability to stand and move around for a minimum of two hours, and the ability to lift 10 lbs or more.  The Director will ascertain through the volunteer interview whether or not the needs of both the library and the volunteer can be met through a regular volunteer commitment. 

US labor law (see US DOL Child Labor Bulletin 101 WH-01330) requires any volunteers be at least 14 years of age. Youth 14 to 17 years of age are required by New Hampshire labor law (NH RSA 276-A) to have a Youth Employment Certificate on file with the organization receiving volunteer services. Please see your high school guidance counselor to obtain this certificate. Youth 16 and 17 years of age are also required by New Hampshire labor law (NH RSA 276-A) to have a parental permission form on file, for paid employment or volunteer service.

Please be aware that if any volunteer work includes interaction with children, the library will require a background check. Also, all volunteers are required to sign confidentiality agreements in order to uphold the library's Privacy Policy.

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN PROVIDING BOOK DELIVERY: Volunteering to deliver books to home-bound individuals in Bow does have a few extra requirements beyond the application. All book delivery volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.  We require a background/DMV check, and will need to obtain copies of both your current driver's license and current auto liability insurance. Due to the library's liability concerns, we CANNOT accept book delivery volunteers that do not have auto insurance. All book delivery volunteers must renew their participation (and provide updated documents) on an annual basis.
FOR BOW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: We do allow Bow High School students to receive volunteer service hour credit through volunteer work at the Library.  However, we are limited to the number of volunteers we take on at one time.  If you know that you need to complete service hours by a certain deadline, please contact the Library Director as soon as possible.  Due to the amount of time and effort that goes into training new volunteers, we cannot accommodate a request for less than 10 volunteer hours.  Please e-mail the Friends of the Baker Free Library for information about additional volunteer opportunities in the Friends' Perpetual Book Sale in the library's basement.
Please contact the Library at info@bakerfreelib.org for further information on volunteering at the Library.